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Monday, September 6, 2010

Lon-Dancing with Vane Millon

The 2011 Lincoln MKX, Londance and Dancing With Vane

So, really...who wouldn't want this assignment? Take a break from the daily grind at Flash Point and head on down to Londance Studios in Laguna Niguel, CA, to do a quick Salsa Rehearsal with Actress/Model Vane Millon?

The assignment: Prepare for the upcoming 2011 Lincoln MKX "Best of California Road Trip". All I've gotta do is a) learn a little about the 2011 Lincoln MKX, take a few pictures of Vane learning to dance and that's it. Not a bad gig.

Who Knew Salsa Would Get so Heated?
I guess I should have seen it coming. Once Vane entered the studio and stepped onto the dance floor with European Champion Jason Daly, things started to heat up. First, Jason demonstrated some of the basics with World Champion, Yana Blinova. Then, it was Vane's turn. With only two weeks to prepare, Jason was all business. After only a few minutes, the place started to come alive. Music started pumping, Jason and Vane started dancing and somehow, things got a little out of hand. I guess you get two competitive people in the room together and "stuff happens". Here's a clip.

The Cool Down
Once the rehearsals were over, it was time to cool off. Thankfully, Sherryl Brightwell, a representative of the California Lincoln Mercury Dealers, was there to get the AC going and walk everyone through the very cool features of the '11 MKX - "My Touch", "Sync", "Hands free calling", "Blind Spot Integration System", "Rear Park Assist" and tons more. There were so many cool features, I honestly only remember a hand-full. How could this be better than dancing with Yana, you ask? If you saw me dance, or her poor feet when I was done, you'd know.

Now, Vane Turns Her Attention to Sacramento
Offering a quick shout out to Best of Cali fans, Vane nailed it in one take (ok, two) -- also offering a surprise, inviting one lucky Sacramento resident for a ride-along. The first, in English. The second, in Espanol!

Behind the Scenes, Out-takes and More
Not that I was complaining...but somehow I got pulled into the mix. World Champion Yana Blinova was a fantastic teacher, beautiful and best of all (for me), patient. Here's a link to some behind the scenes shots:

Also, here's the entry video from Londance Owner, Patricia West that got it all started with Londance! Thank you for your entry Patricia!

Special thanks to the folks at Londance for opening up their studio.

P.S. Yana, thinks I got what it takes. :)


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