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Thursday, August 26, 2010

2011 Lincoln MKX iPad Give-away Winners

Yesterday was a fun day. It just was. How often do you get to have a mock press conference and award an iPad to two people who are ... just stoked? Me? I haven't had the chance all that many times. In fact, this was a first.

Here's the mock press conference we gave to announce the winners (a couple days ago)...only to pull out at the last minute and leave everyone hanging a little.

While there were 5 people that delivered a TON of fans to the California Lincoln Facebook page, it was Tiffany Diaz and Maryangee Cano that delivered the most. Almost 700 fans between the two of them.

Here's the final press release where we announced the winners, the following day.

And finally, the acceptance speaches. First, from Maryangee who won the Give-away, delivering over 340 fans.

Next, was Tiffany Diaz's speach--who also dazzled us with her Spanish. Tiffany delivered more than 200 fans.

Congratulations to both Maryangee and Tiffany. I look forward to meeting you both on the road!

Oh yeah, and the video that started it all? Here's Vane Millon, doing her thing in English and Spanish. This was shot on the boardwalk on Venice Beach. She's an amazing talent, a blast to work with and is a GREAT sport!


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